Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Training update: taper down

I've made it to the taper-down portion of my triathlon training.  Taper-down is the last two or so weeks before a race when you begin to rest your body by reducing the amount of time you train each day.  Taper-down is always a welcome break following peak week.

So I'm enjoying my light workout schedule this week.  Except there's one thing I haven't shared yet.  That is, as of right now I don't actually get to race in the triathlon I've been training for.  Here's the thing.  It's a popular race, and I know that, and I've been meaning to register for quite some time, but one thing led to another and, well, the race is full.  Bum.Mer. 

So I'm doing what I can, like emailing the race director and waiting for a spot to open up, and mostly praying.  I know this sounds trivial, but would you pray, too?  I really want to race in this race.  Plus no matter what, I am making the 7-hour drive to the event since I have coordinated a group of people from here that are doing it. 

Hopefully I haven't done all this training to be a spectator!


spoonerbyrd said...

I'm praying right now!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens, don't regret the training and don't stop. You're one of the reasons I keep working out and I need company. And I admire your hard effort and sticking with a plan.