About Me

I am Shana, an early-30's (the "early" is important) wife and stay-at-home mom.  After God, my relationship with my husband is number ONE.  I love spending time with my husband.  He is caring, hard-working, dedicated, full of integrity, and an awesome Dad. 

I have five kids who keep me completely busy and entertained.  And possibly a little bit crazy, too.  One of my claims to fame is "I went from having one, to four kids in less than a year".  That's right.  We had a daughter already.  Then on January 29, 2007 we brought a son home, then on August 27, 2007 we brought another son home, then on January 10, 2008 we brought yet another son home.  (Read my "Adoption" page if you are confused.)

I have a lot of interests that take up my time.  I am hooked on triathlons and spend a lot of time training.  I have a newfound interest in organic gardening and am hoping to provide all of our produce for the summer months.  I enjoy cooking yummy meals for my family.  I am frugal, and always looking for ways to save money.  And I'm learning to be more green, using gentile cleaners around my house, reusing as much as possible, and, to my bff's delight, I am finally recycling. 

Most of all, I love my Savior, and He loves me too.