Friday, June 25, 2010

This week (random updates)

We had a blast on Wednesday at the water park.  We were there from open 'till close, and were POOPED.  The kids all slept until 9:30 yesterday morning, which never happens.  Emma went on every single adult ride, including the Avalanche, which is such an adrenaline rush I can only handle it once every two years. 

She did it twice. 

This video doesn't even begin to describe the terror one feels on this ride.  It's never a good sign when the ride operator is harnessed in with climbing gear.

This weekend is going to be a busy one, with parties and the start of our church's VBX.  We are nearing the end of our training for our next triathlon, which is three weeks away.  Next week is "peak" week, which is the hardest week in all our training.  Here is my schedule for next week:

Monday:  run 23 minutes; strength training
Tuesday:  swim 23 minutes; bike 46 minutes
Wednesday:  run 31 minutes; strength training
Thursday:  swim 31 minutes; bike 62 minutes
Friday:  run 39 minutes
Saturday:  swim 39 minutes; bike 77 minutes
Sunday:  REST!

Brian and I are working on some exciting changes with our finances, and I can't wait until they're in place.  I'll share just as soon as I can.  I am super motivated and can see the end in sight. 

I'm off to start the day, including working for a couple hours at church and a park date this afternoon.  Happy Friday!

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