Monday, July 05, 2010

How we do the 4th

First we get our festive clothing on.

Then we bring out the treats.

Food:  Round One

So much...

...yummy food.

My handsome man mans the grill.

Dads and sons enjoy a hot dog.

Gals attempt to enjoy some down time...

...but quickly get interrupted by a poopy baby.

Then the dad leaves.  Men.

The kids line up for a water-balloon toss...

...which lasts exactly one toss before it turns to...


And this.

And then the Crazy Brit gets involved.

And things quickly get out of hand.

But leave it to my husband to take things to the next level.

A lovely mother and daughter made it out alive.

Crushing ice and mint leaves is serious business.

Food:  Round Two.

Oh my.

So good.

But not even the food was as yummy as this baby.

We ended the night with fireworks, campfire and s'mores.  But I don't have very many pictures of that, because the same men who were in charge of the balloon-toss were also in charge of making sure the fireworks went off safely.


spoonerbyrd said...

We had such a FUN time! I loved your captions. Where are you today? Miss you!

Charity Hildebrand said...

Looks like so much fun :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth!!! Looks like you had a great time!