We are the parents of four children, including two sons adopted from Ethiopia.

Our adoption journey began after dealing with infertility and miscarriage.  We chose international adoption as the means for which we wanted to adopt, and in December of 2005 we began the process of adopting from Ethiopia. 

In January of 2007 we traveled to Ethiopia pick up our almost-five-month-old son. 

While visiting at the orphanage our son was from, we met and hung out with a lot of the older children.  One of the boys in particular caught our heart.  After much prayer we returned to Ethiopia in August of 2007 to bring home our almost 13-year old son. 

Adoption is a blessing, and a challenge.  The emotions are full of highs and lows.  We disrupted birth order, which a lot of the "experts" say not to do.  We got pregnant with our fourth child before we had even brought home our third child, who is technically now our first child, since he is the oldest.  Confused?  We are too.  Our family is far from perfect, but it's the perfect family for us. 


Our homestudy agency:  Idaho Youth Ranch
Our adoption agency:  Adoption Advocates International