Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I basically had our van sold last week.  It had been listed for one day, and by afternoon the interest was pouring in.  A sweet family came and gave it a test drive, and couldn't contain their excitement when they returned.  I asked what they thought, they said "we love it".  They basically had to hold themselves back from making me an offer right on the spot, and managed to say that if everything checked out okay with their mechanic in the morning, they could have a check to me the following day. 

Then they asked why we were selling it. 

Me:  Have you heard of Dave Ramsey?

Them:  Oh yeah, we love Dave.

Me:  Well, we are following his plan to be out of debt and drive free cars.  So we are taking the leftover cash from this sale to buy an older van.

Them:  Oh, that's cool.  Man, I really love this van.  Even the color is perfect.  We'll talk to you tomorrow!

Tomorrow came, the mechanic signed off, morning passed, and I hadn't heard anything.  As the day wore on I started getting a little nervous.  Then late that night I got the following email:

Dear Shana,

After thinking about it a little further we decided to go with a much cheaper van ($4000 dollars). We really loved your car but we feel like this was the better decision for our family. Good luck with your total money makeover!

Let me summarize.  In an attempt to sell my car to get out of debt, I inspired the person who was going to buy my car to instead pay cash for a car so they could be out of debt.  Meanwhile, I'm still in debt.

Honestly, I laughed at the situation.  I don't have to sell my car, I want to.  And if I can inspire someone along the way to change their financial future, I am happy.

But, um, I wouldn't mind if a buyer came by, like, today.

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Owlhaven said...

That is just hilarious. And sad. Sorry. Here's hoping you sell it soon!