Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Staycation....Day 1

Yesterday was the start of our White Family Christmas Staycation 2011.

I'm not gonna started out pretty rough.  Getting into a car accident...that is your a car that you are borrowing...isn't fun.  Don't one was hurt.  That's what's important, right?

The day got better, though.  After finishing our errands, we headed to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  We actually had a great time there.  The kids were well-behaved, the food was good, Braxton slept most of the time (and the carafe of wine didn't hurt).

Then we went to the Idaho Botanical Gardens for the Christmas light display.  It was beautiful, the kids loved it, and no one froze too badly.

Off for day 2.....

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