Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Staycation...Days 2 and 3's Christmas eve!  The presents are (mostly) wrapped and under the tree.  Potatoes are simmering on the stove.  Casserole is in the fridge.  The table is set.  Christmas music is playing around the house.  The kids are in the bath.  I think we are about ready!

Staycation day 2:  We took the family to the cheap theater to see Dolphin Tail.  It was a great movie.  Noah spilled all of his popcorn on the floor.  And then his pop.

Staycation day 3:  We baked and frosted sugar cookies.  We wrapped a lot of presents.  Then we finished the day with an uh-mazing light show near our house.

We are so blessed this Christmas.  Overwhelmed with God's mercy and love.

Merry Christmas!  Love, the White's


Alicia said...

Merry Christmas White family. said...

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