Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving (plus more house photos)

A few days after moving in, we started bidding for having Thanksgiving at our house.  Because, you know, who wouldn't want to host 31 people at their house after moving in 10-days before?  Plenty of time to get ready, plenty.

I knew that we would need some more seating.  So for two days I scoured craigslist and found a micro-suede sectional sofa, a "slipper" accent chair, and a plush, swivel-accent chair.  All for $365.  Never pay retail, folks.

By the time Thursday rolled around, we were all unpacked, basic things were on the walls, and things were mostly organized.  We were ready for company!

The kids watched the parade while we ate cinnamon rolls.  But first, Brian ran to the store to buy a new TV antenna.  Because we don't have cable.  And the whole reason we bought the new TV the night before, was so we could watch the parade while we ate our cinnamon rolls.  And on our current antenna, we got every channel except the parade channel.

Meanwhile, I decided that I should take a few photos of the house while it was all clean and ready for company. 

Here's the kitchen from a slightly different angle.  You can see we have a fridge!  And on the far side of the kitchen you can see the door into the "school room".   

The family room is right off the kitchen and eating area.  It has a nice fireplace and two large windows looking out at the backyard.

This is the front room, which is kind of a swing room.  It could be used as a living room, or a den, or whatever.  We set up our tables in this room and made it a dining room, which I think we will eventually do on a permanent basis.   

Here is the school room.  I'm excited to have much more space and storage than we had in the last school room.  

 Another shot of the school room.

 Noah was gettin' down with his bad self during the parade.

Brian, starting the morning off right.  And now somewhere in our dirt we also have a cork. 

Our friends started arriving, and snuggling with Braxton. 

Brian, my Super Awesome Husband, cooked the turkey.  It was beautiful.  And tasted even better.  

Look, it's proof that I was there! 

Oh wait, more proof! 

 The troops are getting restless....almost time to eat!

Such yummy food! 

We had 15 people for dinner, then 16 more arrived later for dessert and games.   

The dessert spread was unbelievable.  I think we counted 17 pies!

It was such a wonderful Thanksgiving.  And a great way to break in our new home.  We can't wait to host many more events!

I will continue posting pics of the rest of the house as I get around to it.  Hopefully soon...


Anonymous said...

Lots of Thanksgiving done this day!
Love Barb

Child parenting said...

my household had a comfortable Christmas and Dean got innovative in the kitchen! We baked together and I had enjoyable developing our desk.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!! [:-)
Rachel in Idaho