Friday, October 28, 2011

Living Better - Cleaning Rags!

It's been a while since I've been excited about something that falls under my "living better" category.  In case you don't recall, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to "live better" - things I can do to save money, or make my family more healthy....or both!

This one does BOTH....and then some.  I am so excited!

So not everyone gets excited about cleaning their house (I do, actually).  Some of you are using some pretty nasty chemicals to get your house clean.  Chemicals that are bad for you and your kids.  Plus they cost money, and get consumed, and have to be replaced, which costs more money.

I personally prefer Method cleaning products, because they aren't made with nasty chemicals.  Plus they smell good and clean well.  However, they aren't cheap.

So a couple weeks ago I bought two cleaning rags from a company called Norwex.  These are microfiber cloths that have silver - yes, silver, as in the stuff Grandma's forks are made from - in them, which actually kills bacteria.  Yes, silver kills nasty germs without leaving behind nasty chemicals.

These rags are uh-mazing.  Get them wet with water, wring them out, and wipe away.  You are picking up dirt, killing germs, and polishing - all in one step.

Yes, I said polishing!  My black stove has never been so shiny!

My blue rag is for general cleaning - counters, stove top, microwave, floors, etc.  The purple rag is for "polishing" - it cleans windows, mirrors (seriously, streak-free!), and even adds a little extra shine to my granite.

These rags also save me time because I'm not carting around different sprays, or wiping off residue, etc.

I'm not getting paid or perked (I wish!) to write this - I just really think these rags are that awesome.    You will save time, save money, and not be poisoning your kids! :)

Here is the link I used to order mine.  Go get some today!


Idol lash said...

I have learnt three simple tips for green cleaning and how they contribute to creating a better living environment for your home.Really nice blog.

Cindy said...

Yes I have heard these tags are amazing Shana.