Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Go BIG or go home.

This morning I brought Braxton in to bed with me to nurse.  We had just finished doing his rectal dilatation, so he majorly deserved some snuggle time.  Plus it was still a little too early to get up for the day.

After nursing, Braxton fell asleep on his side, next to me in bed.  It was the perfect chance for me to get a little more sleep too....but I couldn't take my eyes off my sleeping babe.  The way his cheeks squished together, and his mouth curled up.  The soft breathing.  The way his arms folded across his chest.  The way his squishy chest folded and created "cleavage" that was visible through the neckline of his onesie.

Confession:  I heart baby cleavage.

The sun slowly started filtering in the room, and slowly the other kids came in and joined us in bed.  It was a glorious way to start the day.  Totally worth missing out on a few extra minutes of sleep.



A friend recently emailed me, encouraging us through all our current life events.  She said, "Girl, when you go, you go BIG".

She's right.  Things are BIG right now.  Or, maybe more appropriately, CRAZY.  Some day I want to try going small.

We had two house showings yesterday for potential renters for this house.  I had an hour and a half to get the house show-ready......BY MYSELF.  Put away clutter, switch laundry, wash dishes, clean the kitchen, clean my bathroom, wipe down the other bathrooms, stash stuff away in Biniam's room, put clothes away in the boys' room, vacuum the whole house, sweep the porch, sweep the downstairs, make sure all the rooms looked "staged", turn on all the lights, and feed my kids lunch.

I was just starting to mop the kitchen when there was a knock on the door.  I yelled at the kids not to answer, threw the mop in the pantry, grabbed my shirt and put it on, wiped the sweat off my brow, and calmly answered the door while hissing at the kids to get out back.

I started the house tour, then noticed the kids were still inside.  It's too windy out, they said.  So I told them to sit quietly on the living room floor, then continued with my tour.  Except I couldn't give a tour very well, because my KIDS WERE SLIDING DOWN THE STAIRS ON THEIR BELLIES WHILE SQUEALING WITH GLEE.

They're grounded for life.


Today our "evidence" is due for our Katie Beckett Medicaid appeal hearing.  Hearing is on Monday.  Stressful.

Emma's birthday is next week and we have to get her invitations made today.

Financing is moving along quickly for our new house.  We are scheduled to close in two and a half weeks, but it may actually happen sooner.

Both people we showed the house to yesterday are decent prospects, so it looks like getting this house rented will go quickly.  Praise. The. Lord.

Today an investigator for the state came and interviewed me.  Without going into too much detail, our insurance company filed a complaint against the birthing center where Braxton was born.  It seems completely baseless, and we are totally satisfied with our experience, so I hope it goes away quickly.

I'm ready to go small.


Wesley said...

You are such an amazing and strong woman Shana. Jesus wouldn't have given you all of this if He didn't think you could handle it. I'm so proud of you, and you are truly an inspiration. Keep it up, and I hope we can make it out and visit you guys again soon!

Anonymous said...

"Big" is right!! :)
One day at a time, sweet friend. :)

Rachel in Idaho

Cindy said...

You are very special Shana. keep up the good work. God loves us all.
You have beautiful children and family.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Cindy O'Neill and Anthony (White)

Renee said...
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