Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Hospital Update

Geez, you'd think I would be posting more updates since all I'm doing is sitting in a hospital room.  I did walk out of the room yesterday afternoon to get a coffee downstairs. That was the first (and only) time I've set foot out of this 10x10 hospital room.  It is amazing how I really do seem to be busy with all the nurse visits, wathching Braxton, pumping, ordering food, eating, and watching cable tv.  We don't have cable at home, so yes, I am actually enjoying that part.  HGTV has been on for the past 36 hours. 

Things started going downhill a bit Wednesday night, when Braxton started losing interest in eating (not that he had much to begin with) and I noticed his abdomen getting larger.  I stopped feeding him throughout the night, his abdomen continued to get bigger, he was miserable, and neither of us slept much.

By yesterday (Thursday) morning his abdomen was around 46 cm, he was very uncomfortable, and refluxing a lot.  The Dr ordered to stop all fluids by mouth, and nothing to eat.  Braxton stayed pretty comfortable throughout the day with the help of regular narcotics. 

His catheter came out yesterday morning, and I've been concerned since then because I haven't seen urine in his diapers.  However, a bladder scan in the evening and again in the middle of the night indicates that he is emptying his bladder some.   His stools are becoming more regular and productive, which is really good.

By around 10:00 last night, his abdomen was at 49 cm.  Yikes.  But by this morning it was back down to 47.5 so hopefully we're on the right track.  He was 43 cm after surgery so that's what we're aiming for. 

Braxton hasn't had narcotics for eight hours now, and he's still peaceful and fairly comfortable looking.  So I am hopeful that maybe the worst is behind us.


In other news, while Braxton was in surgery we found out that the bank accepted our short-sale offer!  This is so amazing because we actually offered lower than the price we offered the first time we asked for 2% back at closing, and we heard they NEVER do more than 1%.  Thank you, Jesus!

So we now have 30 days (actually more like 28, now) to get this deal closed.  Our lender is scrambling!  And I am pinning house ideas like crazy.

Oh, by the way, anyone want to rent our house?

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