Monday, October 17, 2011

Yeah, Baby!

Yesterday was a big day for Braxton!

 But let me back up a little, first. Saturday night my awesome husband stayed at the hospital so I could go home and get some sleep. Braxton was still not allowed to eat, until probably Sunday morning at the earliest, so it was a great chance for me to get some rest. Our friends also offered to have Emma, Isaiah and Noah spend the night at their house. Perfect.

 I got home around 10:00, pumped, took Tylenol PM, and hit the pillow. I don't think I moved until Brian called the house at 9:30 and woke me up. I thought about going back to sleep, but realized I wanted to get some chores done at the house and that I better get moving. I got up, started pumping, and noticed that my cell phone, which I had placed on my nightstand before bed, was on the floor. I grabbed it.....and saw a missed call at 1:00 AM from the neighbor who had our kids.

"CRAP" was the first thing that came to mind as I waited for the voice mail to play. Yep, Emma had started puking and wanted to come home. And I never heard the phone.

 Parenting FAIL.

By the time I got there, Emma was showered and feeling better. The living room carpet was cleaned up. And the over-spray had been wiped off her friend's face who was sleeping nearby. They are now friends for life. You just can't go through an experience like that and not be bonded forever. And I owe them new carpet.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Braxton's tummy went all the way down to 40cm, and Brian was giving him Pedialyte bottles. We started nursing around noon, and feedings have all gone great. His tummy is handling it just fine! The catheter was pulled out this morning and he's already peed a couple of times. We will probably do a bladder scan later to make sure he is completely voiding. The main concern right now is a nasty diaper rash, which is to be expected since his little buns aren't used to having poop touch them. He also still has pain when he goes poop.

Overall Braxton has made huge progress, and we are expecting to go home today. Thank you for continued prayers!


In house news, our inspection is tomorrow. If everything goes well with that, I think this will all start to feel real for me. It's crazy that we might be moving in a few weeks! There is SO much to do to get our house ready to rent. Plus I have to throw Emma a Rainbow Birthday party before we move. Busy times!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, BIG changes!!
Thinking about you often, praying for smooth transitions.
Wonderful news about your precious Braxton! :)
Rachel in Idaho