Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surgery Update

Internet went down in my room last night so this is the first chance I've had to update.

Surgery went well yesterday.  It took around 6 hours to do everything.  The Doctor had to reverse the colostomy, cut out the portion of the colon with the Hirschsprung's, redirect the remaining colon the other direction in his abdomen, and sew the good end to the rectum.  Whew!

Braxton was mostly groggy in recovery, but after about two hours, the pain started kicking in.  We spent the evening holding him and trying to keep his pain under control.

The night is a blur, as I got very little sleep with so much going on.  I fed him two bottles of pedialyte.  We determined his bladder was not working so he got a foley catheter.  He started stooling, which is really good, but also very painful for him.  Plus countless interruptions for meds and vitals. 

Today we are waiting for his lab results from this morning to see if he can beastfeed.  Pain is still an issue, but we are stretching the meds to three hours apart instead of two.  Overall, Braxton is doing well.

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Kim said...

Little Braxton is in our prayers for sure! I am glad things are going pretty good. Sorry about the bladder, is that just a temporary thing, or a complication? YOu guys are so great and little Braxton is in the best hands possible to help him recover!