Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday update

It's been five full days that Braxton has been completely off food. He's had nothing but saline through his IV. It's all I can do to hold back my Mama instincts and not snatch him up and nurse him. His body is literally starving. It's heartbreaking, but I am thankful that Braxton is mostly sleepimg through it.

We waited all day yesterday for the PICU team to come get Braxton and put in his PICC line. They finally came and got him at 11:00 PM. The doctor attempted the procedure for two and a half hours, and on both arms, before he finally gave up. He wasn't surprised that it didn't work, but he felt bad that Braxton was "a human pincushion".

Today Braxton will be going under sedation again, to attempt a different method of inserting the central line. The line is required for properly starting Braxton up on nutrition. In the meantime, he continues to starve.

Hurry up, people!


Owlhaven said...

Praying for your sweetie!


Renee said...

Praying Shana!!!!!!!