Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, they finally got the central line in at around midnight last night. I actually sat in on the procedure and held Braxton's head the whole time. It was cool and terrible. (Kathy, I was thinking about you and how much you would have loved that.)

Most importantly, Braxton is receiving nutrition! Finally!

I have been learning how to replace the colostomy bag. Something I never wanted to know how to do.

Things on the homefront have been rough. Our friends have been amazing - taking care of the kids, bringing meals, even attending a play that Biniam starred in since Brian and I couldn't be there. But even with all that help, things are taking their toll. Especially on Brian, who is crazy-busy at work, trying to care for the kids and the house, and wanting to be at the hospital.

Blessedly, my sister-in-law is on a plane right now to come stay at the house. I sent her a distress signal yesterday and she answered it. Amazing. Now the kids can stay in their own home, Brian has support and can come and go, and my house might actually stay standing.

I need to dedicate a blog post entirely to the wonderful people who have helped us through all this. We seriously couldn't have done it without everyone. Thank you.

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