Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sick Bay

Yesterday both little boys had surgery.  It was elective-but-necessary, and it made sense to get them both done at the same time.  

They had adjoining pre-op rooms, which made it nice so we could all see each other.  

Then Noah went into surgery first, and we waited until I was allowed to meet him in the post-op recovery area (Brian stayed with Isaiah until they took him off to surgery).  Poor Noah had a really rough time dealing with the pain as he woke up.  Thankfully after about 30 minutes we got his pain under control and he calmed down - even drifted off to sleep for a bit.

Noah and I headed off to his recovery room while Brian waited for Isaiah to come out of surgery.  Thankfully Isaiah had an easier time, and was mostly groggy with some discomfort.  

We spent the next few hours assessing pain, monitoring oxygen, and getting food down the boys.  Their recovery rooms were next to each other, so Brian and I swapped back-and-forth.  

Today the boys are pretty much only up to laying on the couch.  Add to the mix that Emma came down with a bug last night, so she is on the couch with them.  I had also been fighting the stomach flu that Noah had last week, but thankfully my body held on while we were at the hospital.  Not-so-thankfully, the flu bug has full-on taken over my body now that we're home. 

So three kids on the couch, and one very-pregnant-sick-mom trying to take care of everyone.  

Today I'm thankful for the help of good friends, who are handling our dinners and errands.  And an awesome husband, who although he has just started a new position at work, is doing everything he can to get home early.

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Anonymous said...

Tons of people are praying for your family! Love you all! Love Barb xoxoxoxoxoxo