Thursday, March 24, 2011

Color Chart

I am over the flu bug that had me knocked-out yesterday.  Thankfully I can focus on caring for my family.

Except.  As I was waking up in bed, I started noticing that I was having a fair amount of contractions.  These are the "braxton hicks" contractions that I've been having for months, but they were strong enough to make me stop and focus through them.  And they were frequent - every 5-10 minutes.

I rolled over in bed to see if a different position might stop them.  But they kept coming.  So I called Brian at work and said "I am calling to put you on Orange Alert - make sure you answer your phone today".

I had a feeling that once I was up and moving around, the contractions might stop.  At least that's what I hoped.  And they did.  Praise the Lord.

So a little while later I called Brian to let him know he was off "alert".

Then a while later I get a call from Brian and his cube-mate, who was listening in the background.

Me:  Hello?

Brian:  Yeah, so Quinn and I were talking, and we feel like you violated the color-code.

Me:  Oh you do?

Brian:  Yeah, so we've been working on a chart.  The White Family Labor Code Chart.

Me:  Um, okay.

Brian:  We have green, blue, orange and red.  We feel like you violated the use of orange.

Me:  Wow, I'm so sorry.  

Brian:  Blue is where you need to be if you are feeling suspicious.  Orange is where labor is imminent.  Red means get home now. 

Me:  Then at this point I think I can just permanently reside at Blue.

Brian:  (spoken to his cube-mate)  She wants to reside at Blue.  I don't think she can do that.  Can she?  No, you can't do that.

Me:  Fine.  Downgrade me to green.  I'll call you with updates.

Brian:  Please just page me with colors.

Me:  Fine.

I'm off to wash the two baby onesies I own.


Laura B. said...

This is hysterical! Actually, now that I think about it, I can't decide which is more funny. The color code chart (super funny) or the fact that you only have two onesies (hilarious!).

Anonymous said...

Do Brian and his cube-mate have a color coded alert system for when the boss comes walking towards their cube and they are BOTH busy working on personal stuff?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! This made my day! I can totally hear Brian saying all that. What a kick! I miss you guys!

Renee said...


I keep thinking I am going to check your Blog and see a pic of you and the baby,

SO close!!!

milesahead said...

LMRO! (sub'd the A). I wish I was near the cube when he devised this "code of labor". You need to write a book Shana. But I'm glad your in the "green"! HA HA HA
Love Dave

Brown Birdy said...

Ahaha too funny...I love your familys humor! Praying you have a wonderful birth whenever it happens! Hey if it's pre-baby shower we can all load you up on gender based colors!!! ;)

Pest Control Guy said...

Nice, I may have to adopt the colors for our any momnet delivery. thanks for sharing.