Friday, March 18, 2011

Breaking News!!!

The quilts are D-O-N-E.  Phew!  I will spare posting any photos of them in their completion for now.  If you are anywhere as sick of them as I am, you could use the break.  But they're done, and I am very happy with them.  (Pics to come when they are on the beds.)

I put the last stitch in yesterday afternoon, and for about 90 seconds I reveled in the feeling of completion.

Then I realized I really should make some pillow shams to go with them.

I have a sickness.

When Brian came home and saw the absence of the quilt, but the presence of fabric and the sewing machine, he just shook his head.

But I am really proud of myself because I figured out how to make the shams just by mentally dissecting one of my Pottery Barn shams.  And guess what?  They totally turned out.  And they were quick and easy. And they're DONE.

The sewing machine is happily put away for the first time since before Christmas.  And I get to check something off my list.  It's a good day.


Pure Mod Life said...

yay proud of you!!! excited to see them, u inspire me!

Laura B. said...

YAY YOU!!! I can't WAIT to see them! You're amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. LOVE that feeling of checking something major off the list!! Way to go!!
Rachel in Idaho

Renee said...

You are such a Rock Star!!!!

Beautiful too!