Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Missing my Cave

I am a home-body.  I can easily get to Thursday or Friday on any given week, and realize I haven't gone anywhere (with the exception of Wednesday nights, when we drop our kids off at their church classes).

I love being at home.  And I hate running errands.  Not that I mind the actual errands once I'm doing them. It's just that I lack the motivation to get going.  Plus I don't like that they mess up the rest of my day.

This week I have had something going on every day that has pulled me away from my cave.  Monday was a trip to the ENT for Noah.  Yesterday was the bunk bed adventure.  Today was more Dr. appointments, plus other random errands.  Plus I also still have to bake cookies for Emma's class tonight.

All this to say, I am feeling behind and un-motivated.  I haven't done any laundry, and we've barely done any official school lessons.  But then again, one of the reasons I decided to home school was to have the flexibility to do this kind of stuff.

I think everything is just feeling out of sorts this week.  Even the weather - yesterday was almost 70 degrees; today we had a snow storm.

Anxious to get back into a routine in the next few days....

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Anonymous said...

Let it Snow Let it Snow....
Love you mom