Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed


I almost don't believe it myself.  And they even came from craigslist, despite the fact that everything else I found was either ugly, expensive, already sold, or ugly.

I don't have any pictures or anything right now, as it is unassembled and sitting in my garage.  It is basic pine, 2x6 construction, and we will be refinishing and painting it before we put it up in the boys' room.

And since I'm all about full disclosure I will tell you that I paid $250 for the set, which included bunky boards (kind of like a small box spring) and Simmons mattresses.  It's a bit more than I really wanted to pay, but we were beginning to think we would have to go the route of getting a new set for $250, plus finding mattresses / bunky boards in addition to that.  So I still have to buy some paint, but overall I will still be saving some money.

Oh, and I've Skyped Brian twice today, from Israel.

It's a good day!

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Anonymous said...

You skipped the part about 3 little kids, a pregnant woman & and a grandma in heels loading the bunk beds and unloading..... Love you- mom