Monday, February 14, 2011

My V-Day

I don't get to be with my Valentine today, as he is currently on a plane headed for Israel.  These frequent trips of his are hard on all of us, but we're also getting kind of used to it.  Except that I HATE his actual travel days, because for about 24 hours I have absolutely zero contact with him.  I don't like knowing that I can't get a hold of Brian if I want or need to.

We did get a nice little date in over the weekend.  We had a quiet dinner - just the two of us.  And on our way to the restaurant we had the idea of stopping at a gas station to pick up some lottery scratch tickets.  Yep, we totally brought scratch tickets to the restaurant and took turns scratching them off.  One of my tickets won a dollar!  And another one of Brian's tickets had two $4 spots revealed, so all he needed was another $4 or a "check" (like a wild card) to win that amount.  The last spot Brian scratched off said "ticket".  We were confused, because we thought it was supposed to say "check", but we went with it and assumed Brian had won his $4.  So we high-fived.

But then we started second-guessing ourselves.  We thought maybe "ticket" meant that Brian had actually just won another scratch ticket.  So after dinner we went back to the gas station to collect my $1 jackpot, and to collect Brian's "ticket".

Yeah, it turns out that having one "ticket" revealed is as good as having one "$1,000" revealed.  It means nothing.

So we laughed, used my winnings to buy another ticket, and went to the car to scratch it off.  And revealed a whopping.....nothing.

But it was fun, nonetheless.

We had a simple little V-day celebration with the kids last night after dinner.  We gave each kid a card, a box of heart-candies, and a trinket from the dollar store.  Simple, easy, and fun.

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