Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Living Better - Baking Center

As I've mentioned, lately I've been baking things from scratch a lot more.  Especially bread.  So I've been noticing that I am making a lot of trips back and forth to my pantry.  Flour, sugar, salt...the trips were adding up.  I am blessed to have a fairly large pantry, however the door to it is just around the corner from the main kitchen area.  Not the most convenient. 

I was tired of walking those six extra steps.

So yesterday I decided to tackle this very serious problem. 

Enter "cabinet A".  This cabinet was kind of a catch-all.  In it we stored vitamins, daily medications, random breast-pump accessories (what?), empty tins, and my china plates.  It was hard to come to terms with, but I decided that I could move most of that stuff to another location (or the garbage). 

Enter "cabinet A - reborn!".  Now I have the ingredients I use the most for baking right at my fingertips.  Flour, three kinds of sugars, baking soda, baking powder, and powdered milk.  I may add a few more things, but for now those are my staples.  And all I have to do to reach them is turn around!  Yay!  I just prevented myself from having to take 136 extra steps each day.  Hmm, lazy much?

And because I like to be transparent, here is a picture of how my pantry currently looks.

Any guesses to what my next project may be?  Hint:  it's probably NOT going to be my pantry.

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Anonymous said...

The two little boys seem to thoroughly enough the pantry!
Love Mom