Thursday, May 06, 2010

Gettin' her game on

Just recently Emma has learned how to play checkers.  She's only played a handful of times, but already enjoys it and understands the basics.  She's even starting to think ahead a move or two, and understanding repercussions of potential moves. 

Tonight Emma and I sat down for a friendly match. 

Now when I play against Biniam, I pull out all my stops and play my best.  And occasionally I win.  It's a little different with Emma.  I don't exactly set out to squash her, but I also don't help her with any decisions.  She is learning so fast!

Lookin' a little bored here.

There.  Now she's getting back into the game.

Never mind.  She's into the movie behind me.

Back to the board.

Uh-oh, the red chips are looking a little sparse.

The look of defeat.

Shaking hands like a gracious loser.  She got over it quickly. 

4 comments: vie said...

She is getting so big!!! What a beautiful girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Great series of photos. Nice story. Better enjoy your advantage while you won't last long.

Then you'll have to start beating Isaiah and Noah.

After that you can start beating then I won't be able to remember if I'm red or black.

spoonerbyrd said...

Oh, Emmalemma!!! You are such a beauty and your mom is a great photographer.

jmae3 said...

Wow I love a pictures that tell a story-this is so fun! It's great that she is learning this young...helps major w problem solving etc. in school later on!