Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching up: Emma's first day of school

Quick! For the moment my computer is lacking the Blue Screen of Death. So I'm going to catch up on as many belated posts as possible. Bear with me. :)

Here are photos from Emma's first day of school.

Here she is, outside her school. Doesn't she look darling? By the way, it's not easy picking the perfect first-day-of-school outfit that looks school-ish while also sufficing for 90-degree weather. This picture makes me happy and sad. Happy, because my girl is so happy, and so grown up. Sad, because my girl is so grown up. And also sad because we can't find this sweater ANYWHERE. Dang.

Walking up to the play yard where the kids line up before class. I think Brian and I were more nervous than Emma was. I bawled earlier in the morning when I looked out the window and saw all the neighbor kids getting on the bus. I couldn't believe this was really happening!

We said goodbye and watched Emma walk in with her classmates. She just said "bye!" and walked right in. Brian and I looked at each other and shrugged. I guess that was it!

I put the little boys in the stroller and went for a run while Emma was at school. For some reason my legs took us back to Emma's school, where we ran around it, then barely made it home in time to catch Emma getting off the bus.

Praise the Lord, I - I mean SHE survived!

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spoonerbyrd said...

oh emma, you look darling and your school creations are always so cute. i love the black cat you recently made!