Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best Buds

When I was pregnant with Noah I was blessed enough to have a BF who was pregnant at the same time. It was great having someone to share in the misery - I mean joy of what I was going through.

Well, Noah was blessed too because my friend delivered a boy also - just one day after Noah was born. Noah loves Drew. The two are just like brothers with a genuine love/hate relationship. Mostly love though. Noah walks around the house every day saying "where's Drew?"

Although they are only one day apart, you can see that their physical differences are quite noticeable. :)


Jen said...

Wow! Drew must be tall because Noah's a big kid, isn't he?? Course I haven't seen him in quite some time ... guess I'll need to see for myself soon!

Super cute!

Shana said...

Yes, Drew is off the charts for height. But Noah has him beat for weight!

Jmae said...

Funny how that cousin and i had both pg's together...older boys are 2 months apart and younger boys are 2 1 week apart. Mine is a huge tower to her little man and her youngest is now a super-i mean super chubby baby to my little mini that I got this time around...
ya never know!