Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching up: Isaiah's 3rd Birthday

Isaiah turned the Big 3 in September, and since he'd never really had a big party before, we decided to go all out. I chose a Carnival theme, going for lots of color, fair-type food and tons of candy.

Fresh popcorn was at-hand for all to enjoy.

Food consisted of country-fair staples such as corndogs, corn on the cob, hot wings and watermelon.

Instead of a cake I baked cupcakes inside ice cream cones. They were easy to hold and so cute too!

Little signs labeled things around the party.

A wall displayed photos I had taken of Isaiah a few days earlier.

Carnival games were set up around the yard.

Yes, that is a real fish in the bowl. The kids "caught" fake fish, but got to trade them at the end for real goldfish.

One of the centerpieces. All about candy and color!

I made the tissue flowers and hung them all over the house and yard.

Isaiah's look of surprise when he saw the main attraction - the Rainbow Balloon Lady!

The kids lined up for a continuous two hours to see balloon creations come to life. There were hats, aliens, fishing poles with fish, and more!

Isaiah got a motorcycle.

Why is it that an any social event, the men all end up segregated?

There was a face painting station set up, using Emma's vanity.

The kids loved their face paints!

Here I am, fiddling with the tri pod. We set up a photo booth for people to take candids with the self-timer.

Biniam and Emma goofing around.

Me and my BFF.

Such a cute family!

There was quite a mob when the presents came out. Isaiah is somewhere in the middle!

As the party started winding down, the kids started becoming comatose from all the sugar.

Some of the aftermath...

It took a while to get things back to order, but it was worth it for the memories. Happy birthday, Isaiah!


Marie said...

What a fun party! And by the way, I love your haircut! So cute!

Laura B. said...

FAB-U-LOUS! I love everything...especially the "photo booth".
You're a good mom!!

Evan said...

That picture of Noah, ravaged by the merciless clutches of sugar, is CLASSIC.

Anonymous said...

Awesome party!! What a great idea. Looks like everyone had a blast. [:-)

spoonerbyrd said...

Your photographs are awesome--great perspective and angles. You are putting your Rebel to good use! I loved that party...although I did have to explain the whole "lack of a ferris wheel" to Cal again on Monday. I mean, honestly, why didn't you budget for a real ferris wheel?! I thought you loved us.

Kasey said...

Are you for hire? Holy cow you know how to throw a party! Please know that there may be a copy cat party somewhere in Iowa this winter :) How did you make the paper flowers? The photo booth idea is genius! Good job, mom!

SimplyGrove said...

What a fun party Shana! I'm bummed we missed it! Please invite us to your next extravaganza!!!! xx

Jmae said...

hey fat belly lol