Friday, July 03, 2009

Ants in my pants!

So there I was, minding my own business, getting the kids breakfast. Then I looked outside. And saw the most horrifying sight.


At first glance I thought one of the kids had dumped dirt out of the flower pot again. And by "flower pot", I mean a pot with dirt in it. I seem to have something against actual flowers in my pots. But anyway, then I noticed that the dirt pile was moving. Aack!

I called Brian in a panic. Seriously, my heart was racing. I mean I can handle a few ants here and there. When I was pregnant with Emma and living in our first house, I would spend the mornings stomping on ants in the kitchen with my flip-flops. (We finally called in the professionals for that one.) But this was me against an army. Brian told me where the bug spray is so I armed myself, said a little prayer, and went to battle.

And I think I won.

Here is what I was up against.


naphtali said...

Eek! I would have been horrified. But, look at you, taking care of business. Are they all gone now?

Shana said...

Well, that many ants don't just shrivel up and disappear once they're dead. For a while we had what looked like ant genocide on our patio. But thankfully we got some summer rain yesterday and most of them washed away.