Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th!

Tomorrow we will be two weeks out from our first triathlon. So today Brian and I did a dress-rehearsal at about 60-70% of the actual distance we will be doing. We started at our pool and swam .25 miles (which is the full distance of my tri, and half of Brian's), biked 7.7 miles (actual distance is 13 miles), and ran 2.2 miles (actual is 3.1 miles). Total time: 67 minutes.

This has been a tough training week. We have done 11 training workouts at a minimum of 100% distance - just since Monday. Brian and I are both physically drained. And we can't stop eating!

Now we're off to decorate the kid's bikes with red, white and blue streamers, make and eat yummy food, and blow up some TNT. Happy 4th!

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naphtali said...

How incredible to participate in something like that. More than anything, I hope you can just enjoy the 'process'. Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day!