Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today was a first. Today I walked through the doors of a school at the prospect of enrolling my little girl. My baby.

We went to take a look, get a feel for things. See if we got any warm fuzzies. Brian walked in the doors, followed closely by Emma and I, holding hands. As we walked in I held her hand a little tighter. It was as if we were both holding on for support, not sure who was supposed to be stronger.

As we toured the school I held tightly to Emma, pointing out things I thought might be of interest to her. The cafeteria. The playground. Artwork on the walls. The library. A kindergarten class in session.

Emma quietly took it all in. We happened to walk under a bell just as it was ringing, which alarmed Emma a bit. I explained the bell signaled it was time to switch classes, which set her at ease a bit.

After our tour we celebrated with a bowl of gelato. Brian and I sat across from Emma, and I wondered to myself how in the world we got here.


Later in the day when Emma was talking to Biniam, she told him her three favorite things about the school.

The playground.
The cement stairs which had a yellow line painted up the middle, making them look like a mini road.
The bell.


Anonymous said...

I can't speak with a lump in my throat & the tears ready to spill down my cheek.....How did our first grandchild arrive at this milestone? Thanks for sharing this adventure with us.
Love Grandma Barb

spoonerbyrd said...

I am already excited to see the posting of Emma's first day of school pictures. These milestones are bittersweet but since I know her outfit is going to be supercute, I'm mostly just excited!

Anonymous said...

You Go Girl (Emma)! And by the way.....when are you going to post another photo of the "tulip" project?
Grandpa D

Anonymous said...


Aunt Theresa

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