Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Triathlon, here we come!

Our "team" (there are five of us) have nailed down the date of our Triathlon...July 19th! I am personally so excited about this, mostly as it scares me to death. I have grown up with triathletes all around me, but for some reason I never believed I could do it myself. So I'm here to prove myself wrong!

The triathlon we're doing is out of town, which will be nice so we can get away from everything and just focus on the race. We're probably not bringing the kids, although we are thinking about bringing Biniam and Emma as there is a mini-tri for kids that they could actually do. How cool would that be!? At the very least Emma is going to run a 2k this summer in Boise. She started "training" for it last night on the treadmill, and ran a half mile in about 8:30. Not bad for a little kid who didn't even realize you should swing your arms when you run. :)

So here's to family, fun and fitness!


Christi said...

That's awesome Shana. And now the important question: What to wear!

Seriously, you have to swim in something and then bike right after.

Shana said...

Thanks, Christi! I know, I have only begun to think about what to wear, but I'm sure it will be a major source of stress for me! :) Maybe I need to find some sort of swimsuit that has a good bra built in, so I can just throw shorts over it for the bike / run. Or maybe I should just do the whole thing in a bikini! ;)

Dad/Kevin. Mom/Jennifer. said...

Bikini. Definitely a bikini.

Where's the Triathalon? Woohoo!!

Emily B. said...

congratulations! That's an awesome goal. I can't wait to hear how it goes. :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Shana! I can't wait to hear more about it!

love, Aunt Theresa