Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look, Mom! No hands!

We took Emma and Biniam up to the slopes on Friday. This was Emma's second time skiing - her first was two years ago. We used the harness with ropes so we could ski behind her and control her speed. She did great, and by the end wanted to try all on her own. This video is of her first run without any assistance. (Turn the volume down and ignore all my annoying narrative.)

This video starts out with Emma and I going up the magic carpet, but then Biniam goes by on his snowboard (in the bright green jacket). This was his first time snowboarding, and he did awesome!


Anonymous said...

Boy- they look good! This brought back memories of our family when Shana & Todd were going up on the slopes. Emma & Biniam look like they really are "taking" to the slopes. Thanks for the 2 videos.
Love Mom, Grandma Barb

Anonymous said...

Biniam and Emma...YOU BOTH ROCK!!!!

Grandpa Jim

*kk* said...

thats pretty exciting!! i want to take Jack and learn also. Your kids did amazing!

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