Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, Monday

Four or five of us are sick. The "or" is because I'm not sure about Isaiah - he's super grumpy, but that's just him sometimes, too. Biniam is the healthy one. That kid's immune system is a rock. My theory is that growing up in Ethiopia gets you exposed to just about everything, so your body learns to fight it all off. Isaiah is also typically much more healthy than Emma or Noah.

Our house is currently in shambles. Not because we aren't keeping up with things, but because Brian and I got started on some remodel projects. Not so much remodel really, as redecorate. Anyway, we painted the kid's bathroom, and before the paint was even dry we started on the powder room. So we currently only have one working bathroom. And the paint I chose is some special kind that resists mildew but has to cure for at least four days before any moisture can be in the room. Which means for the next four days we are cycling six people through our master shower. But oh. The bathrooms will be so pretty when we're finished.

I'm heading off to Seattle and Portland on Wednesday for another girl's weekend. I'm starting to see a pattern here, and I like it! Actually, I don't really anticipate these things happening so often in the's just been a series of special circumstances. Since I can't stand the idea of leaving Noah yet for four nights he's coming with me and staying with Grandpa and Grandma, meaning I'll only be away from him for two nights.

My youngest "baby" is now one. That seems weird to me. Brian says it's time to start "trying". I say, um, no. Not never, but not now. I feel like we're finally starting to turn a corner where having two babies close together is getting easier. Noah isn't as fragile anymore, so he and Isaiah are starting to have fun playing and wrestling together. And if Isaiah would just listen and obey, crossing parking lots and such isn't too bad, either. So let this be an encouragement to all you moms of little ones close in age: it does get easier.

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shell said...

have a great time with the girls! man i am in need of some girl time-it is amazing how rejuvenating it can be!

Dad/Kevin. Mom/Jennifer. said...

i feel for you! All 5 of us were ridiculously ill at the same time last thursday and Friday, and it was insane and gross and ~ ugh.

And I agree with you - having two babies close together gets easier! Once they are playing together, it's full speed ahead and fun, fun, fun! Sometimes I feel like C & O are twins because they are so close and such good friends.

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