Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Noah!

Our baby turned one today! Happy birthday, Noah! Your family LOVES you!

Noah's best friend turns one tomorrow, so we did a small joint party for them. Us moms made the cake; an adorable train (not a tug-boat or a semi-truck as some might have suggested), and we served pizza and pop. The guests of honor had a great time, and each "accidentally" grabbed into the cake a little early, so we bucked tradition and let them eat their cakes before their meals. No harm done, as both boys are fantastic eaters and had no problem switching over from cake to pizza!

Here's to another FANTASTIC year!


Marie said...

Happy Birthday Noah!! We love you!

Kathyb1960 said...


That cake is just too cute! What a great idea for a cake! That is really neat!

Dad/Kevin. Mom/Jennifer. said...

As I'm planning for Owen's party, your cake inspires! Hmmm ... !! Looks great! Happy Birthday, Noah!!

Anonymous said...

I usually feature photos of various grandkids on my desktop, and rotate them every so often. And that's a great photo of you, Brian and Noah. But I decided the "train" gets feature billing for now. What a great cake!

Grandpa Jim