Thursday, January 08, 2009

Handmade Gifts

This year we started a tradition I hope to continue of making handmade gifts to give as Christmas presents. I think it's a great way to show someone you care enough to take the time to make something for them. Plus in most cases it's more economical.

Biniam gave handmade gifts this year to his siblings and grandparents (he is pictured sewing some of them in the post below this). For all the grandparents he crocheted a set of pot holders. He made Emma and Isaiah each a personalized tote bag, and he made three bean bags for Noah. I thought everything turned out great, and was much more meaningful than a cheap store-bought gift.

Emma also got in on the fun and made little wreath ornaments for the grandparents. And not to be outdone, I got the idea to make an apron to give away, which quickly turned in to five aprons. I had fun doing it, but would definitely give myself more time in the future. Sewing at 2:00 AM is not a party!
Noah's bean bags

Emma's Tote

Four of the five aprons.


Robin said...

I'm so proud of both of you! Pretty soon it will be Winter Ball dresses :)

Emily B. said...

what a great idea! I agree that the gift of "time" (to make the goodies) is so much more meaningful generally than running to the store to pick something up. Way to Go!

Laura B. said...

I love this idea and hope to do this next year! It would be especially great for cousin gifts!

Claudia said...

What an awesome big brother Biniam is! I love Emma's bag. This year I made cloth gift bags for all the Christmas presents. They are cute and reusable and it feels great to have saved a little space in the land fills.

Marie said...

I am truly impressed with all the gifts Biniam made and your aprons are beautiful! Great job!

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