Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dr. Update

We took Noah to the new Pediatrician yesterday. I think I like the Dr., and the office was just okay. I am used to our old Dr's office which was in a new building and pretty state-of-the-art. Brian thinks I'm silly for caring so much about who our Pediatrician is, and the experience we have. I say the care our kids get now could affect them for the rest of their lives. So there.

So Noah has double ear infections. Again. I think it was only about 4-5 weeks ago that he last had double infections. And now, at 10 1/2 months old we're already starting the discussion on ear tubes. The Dr. said she errs on the early side for tubes to avoid constant medicating with antibiotics. I hate the idea of my baby having surgery but at the same time I don't want him to build up immunities to important antibiotics. So for now we're going to see how this one clears up and keep an eye on him in the immediate future. And pray that he just doesn't get any more infections.

And lastly, regarding my surgery, the hospital that our insurance covers now has their laser equipment up and running so I'm scheduled there for Dec 22. Nothing like "Merry Christmas" in the hospital, but at least Brian will be on vacation and can take care of me - and the kids, I suppose.


nichole said...

We will be praying for Noah too!
Let us know how Terry and I can help you during your stay in the hospital -we'll be around and would love to have the kids whenever you may need it!

Cat and Mark said...

Hope Noah is feeling better - for what its worth, our oldest needed tubes when only 6 months (scary!) but it was so worth it! She's had, I think, only one infection since then (7 years!) so all in all it was a good choice.

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