Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where were you at 3:58 AM?

If you were standing in line in 28-degree weather for an hour at the prospect of getting a $5 gift card at Joe' weren't alone. That's right. Brian and I got up at 3:30, bundled up, grabbed a snack and headed out on our shopping adventure. We of course were hoping that we'd be the lucky ones to get the $500 gift card at the door, but no such luck. And the whole time we were in line Brian felt the need to point out that we would likely only get the $5 card, which means we are really only worth $5 an hour. He suggested that any smart business owner would be perusing the line for cheap laborers - since clearly we all fit that bill.

Our shopping trip was successful and I was back home and in bed by 7:00. Brian, on the other hand was motivated to head back out to more stores and didn't get home until 9:00 AM, in which those two extra hours netted him no additional purchases. I think I got the good end of that deal.

The rest of our Black Friday Date Extravaganza was a bit of a bust. Due to ongoing sicknesses with our kids and our sitter's kids, we ended up canceling our hotel reservation and just doing dinner out with our friends. Dinner was wonderful though, and we enjoyed ourselves for almost four hours. Then my parents had mercy on us and ended up keeping all four kids for the night, so Brian and I got to spend the night in our own bed with no kids and no interruptions. Actually, in some ways that was better than a hotel. I slept 11 hours!

And in no relation whatsoever, Brian and I and three others have started a fitness team with the goal of competing in a triathlon next summer. We're encouraging each other, giving workout suggestions, and we even started a (private) blog to track all our progress. It's actually great fun! We're mostly doing Crossfit workouts, and today's workout (after the warmup which will kick your butt in itself) was to run a 5k. My goal was to finish in 37 minutes or less (keep in mind I just started working out last week after taking a few months off) and I did it in 36:59. Woo hoo!


shell said...

you are my hero! i don't even own a bike and i am not even sure i could swim across a pool. i can't wait to see pictures of you finishing the race next summer and your great kids cheering you on!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Dave gets the award for the week since on Saturday morning prior to you picking up the grandkids. He alone with greatgrandma Flo's help and 2 dogs got them all fed, dressed and 2 throw ups cleaned up- all before noon.....(Thanks Dave!)
When I arrived home that afternoon the house looked great and Dave & Flo had plenty of stories...
What a great family you have- we love sharing them with you.
Love Grandma Barb

spooner said...

way to go! a 5k rocks and you beat your goal with one second to spare, woo hoo!

nichole said...

You beat us up by two hours on Black Friday. That's some dedication! Sounds like you got some great deals.
Kudos for hitting one of your fitness goals!!!

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