Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Busy Week!

We're busy getting all our Thanksgiving preparations in place. We're hosing at our house this year, but it is a relatively small (3 plus us) crowd. Brian has this whole week off so we're enjoying lots of family time. Yesterday I got to take Emma out and just shop for stuff I'd been wanting to look at for ages...craft ideas, sewing projects, etc. It was lovely.

Poor Noah is really sick right now (fever, throwing up) so we're taking him to the Dr. today. We actually have to get a new pediatrician since Brian's company decided to self-insure, breaking off relationships with the major hospital here and 95% of physicians in the area. That means there are 5 pediatricians here in the valley that us and Brian's 10,000 co-workers get to share. Not only that, I am supposed to have surgery on my vocal cords again next week, but the hospital our insurance will cover doesn't have the right equipment so we've been painstakingly working to get the insurance company to cover the hospital that does have the equipment. Fun stuff.

But the biggest news of all is IT'S ALMOST BLACK FRIDAY! I am seriously so excited. I love a good deal. But not only that, we're farming out all four kids for 24 HOURS while Brian and I and our BFF's get a hotel, shop, dine, perhaps see a movie. It's our biggest date of the year and I can't wait!


Robin said...

Poor Noah! Steven was sick with the same thing on Sunday night. But it was really short - just a few hours. Be healed Noah! And be protected the rest of your.

Robin said...

...family. :)

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