Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I need a maid

Well, things are pretty busy around here. Turns out just the idea of going from one child to FOUR in less than a year is enough to keep my head swimming. Speaking of swimming - or not, I am literally drowning in laundry. I have completely outdone myself this time, and instead of one huge pile of clothes-to-be-folded, I have one on my bed, one on the floor, one on the chair, and one taking up the entire counter in my laundry room, threatening to reach the ceiling. I didn't realize we had so many clothes.

In adoption news, we are waiting to get our group assignment, followed by a court date. Group P was assigned yesterday, and I was really hoping we would be in it, but we're not. So we should be in Q, and we should still (praying) make it through court before the closure. I am also losing my mind because Benjamin should have received his welcome bag last week, but I haven't heard anything confirming that. I keep having dreams about him receiving the bag, and what his reaction is like. In last night's dream he was so completely moved and overcome by our family, that he had to take a step back and compose himself with every picture in the album. Okay, so maybe these pregnancy hormones are exaggerating my dreams just a bit. Nonetheless, I can't wait to know for sure that he knows about us.

Brian and I are still praying about how to handle traveling to Ethiopia this time. We would really love for our whole family to go, and share together the moment of Benjamin joining our family. But we would be taking on some serious debt to do that, and we're not sure if that is right for us right now. So we've talked about just me going, but I would feel like I would need to take Isaiah with me, and therefore I would want another adult to go, so we really wouldn't be saving much money. So right now we are talking about just Brian going. It completely breaks my heart to think about not being there those first few days with Benjamin. Not to mention I completely LOVE Ethiopia (and the food) and can't wait to go back. So I am trying to completely surrender everything to the Lord, and be comfortable with whatever is best for our family.

Lastly, we have our first OB appointment on Thursday, so we'll get to check on Little Sprout and hopefully hear a heartbeat. By the way, Emma keeps calling the baby a girl, and I truly believe kids are prophetic, so....


Brianna Heldt said...

Hoping and praying you guys figure out a workable solution for travel. I'm so excited for you all! (And we'll both have four kids!)

If you ever are looking for something to blog on, I'd love to hear your thoughts on adding an older child to your family, on if you see yourselves adopting in the future, etc. You guys are so inspiring and I'd love to know more about your thought process!

5KidMom said...

I so relate to the need for a maid. I think laundry multiplies on it's own while we aren't in the laundry room. 8^)

The travel thing is a tough one, but I have no doubt that God has a solution for you. I know it's hard in all the chaos of preparing to have 4 kids, but try to be still and listen to that small voice. Then you'll know exactly what to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a lurker, but thought I would leave some encouragement...

We have three bio and just adopted two from Liberia (they've been here a month) and we are expecting number 6 in Sept. Going from three to six in one year isn't something I ever thought possible, but by God's strength we are doing it--even if I have to do laundry every day now!

Trust in the Lord to give you your daily bread--he hasn't failed once for one of his dear children.


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