Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Happenings

Yesterday was the end of a pretty uneventful, long weekend for us. We really don't have many weekends that would qualify as "uneventful", so I guess I should just enjoy the quiet. We had big intentions for it being a productive weekend around the house, but a lack of motivation combined with me being flat on my thrown-out back for a full day hampered things a bit.

So we did get out yesterday for a little family fun. We visited our friend's horse and had an equestrian day at the barn. There is a baby horse there (I think they're called a foal or something - I'm just a city girl) plus a lot of Mare's (hey, I know that one!) just walking around, so you get to be up close and personal, but you also have to watch out. The foal even tried to bite a button off my jacket!

Emma got to ride Irish, and she loved it. And I'm telling you, Irish is a BIG horse! But Emma couldn't get enough, and didn't even want to get off to give Mom and Dad a turn. We finally bribed her down, and both Brian and I took turns. I don't think I'd ridden since summer camp - oh, just a few years ago. And Brian didn't think he'd ever ridden a big horse like that, so it was a treat for both of us.

Emma petting the baby.

My little cowgirl.

And here's Isaiah, celebrating what a great time he's having, by pounding on the back of Daddy's head.

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Jenn said...

Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your thoughts on our agency's group. I appreciate you sharing candidly about your child raising experiences. Congrats on two new children in 07! Wow! And I used to have a pair of white framed sunglasses just like that... back in the early 80's... what a flash back! :-)