Friday, August 18, 2006

So long, Timmy?

I just put Emma down for her nap. Usually I tuck Timmy in right beside her. But today, Emma decided that Timmy wanted to take a nap by himself (on top of her play kitchen, of all places). So after we both tucked in Timmy, I tucked in Emma, all alone. She even gave Timmy her favorite blanket to sleep with, so it's just Emma and the sheets.

I am actually kind of sad about this. As much as it is sometimes a pain to drag Timmy around with us wherever we go, I also treasure their "relationship". Before I left Emma's room, I told her (and told her again) that if she changes her mind, just call for me and I will come get Timmy for her.

So far, not a peep has come from her room. Not even her "mmmmmm" sound. Is this the end of Timmy? I hope not.


Anonymous said...

I hope not too! She's already growing up too fast...Just like you did:)


Brianna Heldt said...

Shana I feel your pain! Anna has her special blanket and I've noticed lately she is slowly starting to "let go..."

It's hard watching your little girl take more and more steps towards independence!

Shana said...

Just an update, that Emma did sleep her whole nap without Timmy, but has since had him by her side for every sleep session.

Whew! Crisis overted. At least for now...

darci said...

heehee..I left a comment on the 'timmy' link page..i can relate, just let me say. :)