Friday, August 25, 2006

It will be soon

There have been three referrals from our agency this week that I know of; all for infants. That means things are finally moving again after seemingly weeks with no activity. (Side note: I know our agency has been busy helping children and other families the past few weeks, but it helps to actually hear of new referrals to keep faith that things really are moving.)

Yesterday a family whose Dossier went to Ethiopia on 3/9 got their referral. I was super excited to see a "March" family (our Dossier went on 3/29) get a referral, as that means there is actual evidence we are getting close - not just my own gut feeling. Then today I logged onto our e-group, and saw that another family got their referral, and their Dossier went out on 3/23! That is only one week ahead of ours!

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that in a week we will get ours, or even that we are next. There are probably families ahead of the ones I mentioned, who got skipped for whatever reason (baby's age or sex, for example) and will likely receive a baby before us. Our "range" that we are willing to accept (0-24 months, either sex) is so broad that I'm sure most of the families ahead of us fit into it somehow. The most likely scenario that would happen for us to skip a family would be if they are only waiting for an infant under 12 months, but an infant older than that became available.

Anyway, I could try and analyze this to death, which I already have and do every day. The truth is only God knows when we will get our referral, and who it will be. But I do rejoice any time I hear of a new family getting their referral, because that puts us one family closer.

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5KidMom said...

I've been lurking for a while. We adopted through AAI as well. Our daughter came home in April.

I'm so happy to see you're approaching the top of the list. I know it is SOOOOO hard to wait!! This really is going to happen. You really are going to get "The Call" and see your baby's sweet little face. You and your family are in my prayers. 8^)