Friday, August 25, 2006

God's Awesome Plan

Earlier this summer, Brian and I prayerfully considered two different sibling sets, each with an older girl and an infant boy. After an emotional rollercoaster ride, we decided these weren't "our" children.

I have just learned that both of these sibling sets have now found their new families, and will hopefully be going home as soon as the courts re-open!

Thank you, Lord, for finding the perfect families for these children.


Brianna Heldt said...

Praise the Lord! This is exactly how I felt about baby Mimi--we saw her on the waiting child video, reviewed her medicals, but felt there were too many unknowns at this time. (She was soon after diagnosed as being blind.)

But she just came home to her forever family and I am so happy!!! Anyway, God is so good and He loves these kids so very much!

5KidMom said...

God is so good, and so faithful!!

He really does watch out and care for these orphans. Praise God!!

richlisad said...

It is so good to be able to hear Him and know which ones are ours. Thanks to God for letting you know, and letting them go to who He intended them for. And, bless you guys as you wait for your dear one(s). May the wait go quickly and their hearts prepared for you!