Friday, August 25, 2006

Our Week

This past week, my friend from high school, Tracy, visited us. She has been diligent about visiting us every year since we moved here, and we always have a blast. This year was no exception.

We went swimming, shopping, out to eat, cooked at home, attended a Pampered Chef party, went to a movie, drank margaritas, read tabloid magazines, and just hung out. Maybe the highlight of the week though, at least for Emma, was the Western Idaho Fair.

I actually like our fair. It is big enough to be a "real" fair - not one of those lame imitations. But also small enough to see everything in one day. We got there right after it opened, and after checking out the rides area, I decided to invest in an unlimited rides wrist-band for Emma. Turned out to be money well spent. At the ripe age of 2 3/4, Emma already takes after her mommy and has a love of amusement rides. I have memories of making my parents and my grandmother sick, after dragging them on all the scary rides at Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm - when I was only seven. I can already see Emma showing some of that same behavior.

Anyway, thankfully Emma is tall for her age and was allowed to go on most of the rides. I bought a few ride tickets for me to join her on some rides, but quickly realized she was totally fine going on most by herself. So I got to stand on the sides, grinning, waving and clapping in encouragement as my little girl had the time of her life!

Emma was actually lucky enough to go to the fair twice that day, as her daddy took her after dinner and met up with some friends. They also had a blast, but unfortunately didn't have the camera to capture Emma milking a live cow!

Emma and Tracy on the carousel

Emma and Mommy on the Dumbo ride

Emma feeding a goat out of her hand

Emma riding a kangaroo

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Brianna Heldt said...

Okay how cute is she??? Anna is definitely not a thrill-seeker (taking after me I think!) but I look forward to the fair next year, when I think she'll be ready to tackle at least some of the rides.