Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Catch-Up

I have so many things I want to blog about from our summer.  But sadly, our iMac crashed last week, taking our hard drive and our pictures with it.  We believe we will be able to restore the lost data (please, Lord) for about the price of a small car.  I would sell an organ, though, to get the last 18-months of pictures back. 

Side note:  don't procrastinate on backing up your data...even if you believe you have an unbreakable Mac.

Here are some bullet points that I want to touch on from the past few months.

-  Our summer started off slow, as we were done with school around May 23rd and the weather had not yet consistently warmed up.

-  I started a job at the end of June.  I work for my dad's magazine publishing company, from home, as much or little as I want.  It's a pretty great arrangement.

-  I started training for a half-marathon, that I will be running in October.  Brian is doing it too - yay!

-  We had three amazing camping trips with friends.

-  Emma, Isaiah and Noah took swimming lessons and did so great.  I was completely amazed at their progress over four weeks.

-  Braxton started wearing Thera Togs.  It's therapy grade compression clothing that helps stimulate his muscles and helps him work on controlling his movements. 

-  Braxton finally cut his first tooth at the end of August - a top molar!  He has since cut another molar, and just this morning, his lower front tooth.

We finally started the new school year late last week, and are still getting used to our new schedule.  We have some new activities I am super excited about, like horseback riding and violin lessons. 

I can't wait to get my computer and all my pictures back so I can get back to some regular blogging. 

Happy Fall!


Anonymous said...

I forget....Who's magazine publishing company is it????!!!??

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