Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Where I've Been

 It was my birthday a little over a week ago.  As a present to myself (well, and from Brian) I went on a road trip to Seattle to see an old friend of mine.

You may have heard of her.

And you might recognize her.

Yep, it was just me, Ree, and about 500 other people who think they are her BFF's.

Ree put on a little presentation for us, filling us in on some of the little details of her life.

Then, as a special treat, Ree sang.  "Endless Love"... to a picture of her dog, Charlie (or "Charles", as the emcee infamously flubbed that night).

My friend, Sara, joined me on the road trip, and my SIL's joined us for the evening.  When we arrived at the event, in what we thought was plenty of time to get a good seat, we were surprised to see all the chairs full.  It ended up being a blessing because we found a table on the side, right up front, where we could eat, feed our babies, and watch Ree all at once.

After the presentation when Ree exited the stage she walked right past us and made eye contact with us.  We had a moment.

Ree has a thing for babies, and Braxton didn't disappoint.  She asked if she could keep him.  I said no.  Although if she had extended the offer to me to be his wet nurse, I might have considered it.

As we were chatting it up, Ree said "didn't I walk past your table with all the babies earlier?"  Yes, yes you did, Ree.

See?  We had a moment.

She signed my book "Love to Shana, (heart) Ree".  I'm sure I'm the only one she wrote that for.

Speaking of my birthday, we had a lovely dinner out, followed by frozen yogurt treats.  I got some great self-portraits with my kids (Biniam had to work).

The wrinkles evidenced in this photo are making it harder for me to pull off "29".

Isaiah was a stinker.  This is the best shot we got.

Here's to another year!

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Barb said...

Thanks for letting us be at one of those celebrations! We had a great time shopping for trees too....Now we still have to go pick up the one paid for.
Love Mom