Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Challenge

It's no secret that we're spending every extra minute on projects in the yard right now.  We're also spending every extra dollar out there as well.  Sprinkler system, trees, shrubs, boulders, weed barrier, landscape rock, curbing, grass seed....the list is seemingly endless.  Unfortunately, our bank account is not.

So this morning, with exactly zero days notice, Brian emailed me and implemented the May Challenge.  Here it is:

  • Spend 30% less on groceries this month ($500 instead of $700)
  • No eating out
  • Entertainment to a minimum (we already have movie passes, enjoy picnics in the park - and frankly we have no time for entertainment, anyway)
  • Use as little gas as possible 
I am totally on board, and even excited.  I have already come up with a few ways to save money. 

1.  I will hold-off on my already-overdue hair cut.
2.  I will trim Emma's hair myself.
3.  I saved a coupon from the mail today for a free men's haircut, and will give it to Biniam.
4.  I will make all our sandwich bread this month.
5.  I have already browsed grocery store ads for food sales, and have clipped a few coupons.
6.  I read up on tips as to why Braxton's cloth diapers might not be working as well, and will give those another try.  (Disposable diapers are currently coming out of our grocery budget.)
7.  I will be making meals as frugal as possible, using ingredients that are in season and on sale.  I will NOT be sacrificing my family's health during this time.
8.  I will be updating and re-consulting my food spreadsheet to make sure I am getting the best deals. 

I always LOVE a good tip on how to save money, so if you have any ideas I might not have thought of, please send them my way!  And if you'd like to join in on our challenge, please do and let me know!

I will be posting my grocery spending throughout the month on my sidebar...so help keep me accountable.  Oh, and it doesn't help that I've already been trying to stretch our food, so our reserves and staples are pretty lean right now.

Ready, set....GO!


Mama of 5 said...

I'm impressed with your grocery budget...before cutting it! There is nothing cheaper or healthier than soup. Dried beans, veggies, and homemade stock. I make homemade biscuits to round out the meal.

Shana said...

I hadn't even thought of soup...thanks Becky! And i plan to buy a whole chicken for the first time ever, so i should be able to make my own stock!