Thursday, March 15, 2012

A trip to the Dentist!

My kids love going to the dentist.  I think it's a mixture of the entertainment there, plus all the loot they come home with.  In fact, while drugged up for surgery last year, Noah famously told the nurse that his favorite Christmas present was his new toothbrush.

Oh, and we get ice cream after we go to the dentist.  Perfectly logical after getting those teeth all cleaned up.

So yeah, my kids love the dentist.

Which, I guess, explains why Noah felt compelled to go dressed like this.

He was too cool to be bothered with answering questions.

Emma was nursing the spot where a tooth had just been extracted.  And she had to get her first filling.  She was a trouper, indeed!

Always a great big-brother, Isaiah made sure Braxton was having a good time.

With the exception of Noah getting his hand stuck between a giant, play-boat and the wall, which required the help of me, a nearby mom and a dental kids were great.  I love that a task like taking four little kids to the dentist, which could be trying, goes exceptionally well with my kids.  I have great kids!


Christi said...

Schnickies! When did Noah look so grown up?

Shana said...

Christi - probably when he started dressing like he's got a day job. :)

Dr. Amira Nashed said...

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Teeth Whitening said...

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Jamar Schaffer said...

I think it’s so cute how your kids love going to the dentist! You may be right – the rewards they come out with makes the experience fun for them. It’s good that they’ve got a good disposition towards dentists while they’re still young. That should keep them from being afraid of dentists when they grow up. Noah’s so cute in his little tie! I think it’s great that he deemed the occasion formal enough to warrant dressing up nicely.

Gus Eckles said...

Have to admit, he does look cool with the shades and headphones; only if he didn’t spoil it with getting stuck. How did he get stuck in the playboat? We need details, copious amounts of details. Haha.

Jamar’s right. It’s good that they have a good disposition in going to the dentist in the first place, and that you have a wonderful dentist to assist you in caring for your kid’s teeth and overall oral health.

Gus Eckles

Janessa Carlon said...

Wow, a tie for going to the dentist. Haven’t seen that before! But it’s a good sign; at least you don’t have to worry about dragging them to the dentist when they do need to get a tooth removed or should they need braces in the future.