Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am completely failing today at homeschooling.  Actually, probably this whole week.  The weather is unusually crummy.  The time change has us moving very slow in the mornings.  And I'm on round two of antibiotics for Strep throat.

I suppose the good that is coming out of it, is I am thinking about how to mix things up a bit, and what we can do better.  I had a "meeting" with the kids this morning and asked if there was anything they wish we were studying or that they could learn.

Here are their ideas:

Learn more Sign Language
Learn to read Braille
Learn to write Cursive
Learn to speak Amharic
Learn how to knit without a loom
Learn all the states in America

I think this is a great start and will keep us busy for a while!  Emma is pacing ahead of schedule on her four core-subjects, so I think it would be great to work a couple of these things into our schedule now, and then add the rest next year.


In other news, it is time for us to get going on our yard.  And by "yard", I mean the dirt-and-weeds-that-need-to-become-a-yard.

We have to start by burning all the dead brush all over the yard.  We bought a torch last night.  According to our Yard Schedule we have to get the burning done this weekend.  Except it's been raining all week.  So here's to burning wet weeds.

There is a tree auction in April that we are hoping to get some great deals at.  So everything needs to be ready before the auction, so we can put the trees in the ground when we get them.  After burning, we need to use a tractor to clear the dirt of all rocks, and do the final grade.  We also need to dig all the holes for all the trees and shrubs.  And install the sprinkler lines ourselves.  And dig a giant hole for our trampoline.  And have boulders delivered.

After all that, we can get started on the actual yard -- planting grass, creating beds, planting flowers and shrubs, installing weed barrier, landscape goes on and on.  I'm excited.  Or I want to cry.

We heard a rumor that the previous homeowner got a bid to install just the sprinklers, for $5000.  Yeah, that's more than our entire yard budget for the year.  We'll see what we can do!

Here are a couple shots of our backyard, from the back patio.  It's been crazy windy lately, which is why the trampoline looks like that.

A few weeks ago, we didn't have any green weeds.  Thanks to the rain and warmer weather, we have crops of them.

 Lots of work cut out for us!

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Barb said...

What an awesome plan you have.