Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Braxton turned one yesterday, and we had a nice, quiet day at home.  For a while I contemplated having a huge birthday bash for Braxton.  But the more I thought about it, it just didn't feel right.  While I wanted to be able to celebrate the first year of our precious Braxton with all our family and friends, it felt like it would be more about us, and not him.  He wouldn't be engaged in gifts or balloons.  A ton of people and noise might overwhelm him.  And he is not yet eating solids, so there would be no traditional cake smashing.

So instead, we made things all about Braxton.

He had a nice therapy session at home with his developmental therapist.

He loves listening to singing, so he thoroughly enjoyed us singing "happy birthday" to him throughout the day.

Okay, so he wasn't particularly happy at this moment.

He snuggled with me in the sling while I made dinner.

He sat in our laps as we ate dinner as a family.

And we painted his feet to make footprints to hang on his bedroom wall.

It was simple.  Special.  Perfect.

Braxton, we love you SO much.  We have more joy, more laughter, and more love, because of you.  We love you!  Happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Braxton!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Braxton!

Anonymous said...

It took me about 10 tries to type out your $%^&*&* codes, Shana, and when it was all said and DONE, I see I got it right twice. Am I dumber than a 5th grader?

Mama of 5 said...

Happy Day! Beautifully done.
And...Granpa Jim's comments...hilarious.

Aunt Christi said...

Looks like you guys had the perfect birthday for him. It seems just like yesterday Brian called me to tell me you had him in your car.....and I was still deciding 10 minutes into the conversation if he was trying to pull my leg or not!

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Braxton.